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The Value of Links.

The foundation of the web is based on links. After all, it's how the web got it's name. The linking of web sites together is what makes the web effective. Without links, your site will never realize it's potential. Not only do you receive traffic directly from the links you establish, the number and quality of links your site has is also taken into consideration by some search engines. It's called link analysis. Yes, it's true. In a matter of seconds, some search engines are able to analyze how many links are leading to your site. The results of this analysis is a factor of your over-all relevancy rating, thus, has a direct impact on your search engine position. If you want to improve your search engine positions, link building is one way to do it.

But don't take my word for it. Check out these articles on the subject of link analysis:


http://www.optitext.com/optilink/index.html (For information only. I am not endorsing this product.)

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